Hey lovelies, so I will be jetting off to the United States again in a few short days, but this time I am heading to the West Coast. My cousins wedding is in Los Angeles and being one of her bridesmaids, I’ll be there in full force. I absolutely cannot wait to explore California, but before I leave, I’ll be sharing my list of summer 16 holiday destinations. So, seeing as the summer season is in full swing now, I felt it would be helpful to those consumed by wanderlust, (myself included) to know where to go and why. Well, below are my picks on the holiday hotspots that everyone should be hitting this summer. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been or intend on visiting any of them.

1. Cuba

For a long time it was not easy to visit Cuba, due to political issues, but with that changing – now is the time to go there. At the moment the country is welcoming to western visitors but has not become a tacky tourist trap, meaning that Old Havana – former home of Ernest Hemingway – remains untouched and worthy of its World Heritage status. Alongside this kind of cultural attraction, humid Cuba also boasts wonderful beaches for sunbathing, like the one at Varadero.

The Cuba Skate team along with founder Miles Jackson work on cleaning up and building a new ramp at the Havana skate park this weekend.

2. Montenegro

The city of Kotor in Montenegro has been named by Lonely Planet as a must-see spot for 2016. Set on the coast it has architecture dating back to medieval times, with the centrepiece being the Hotel Astoria. A former Gothic Palace, this is set in the heart of Kotor’s Old Town, with its romantic balconies, walled streets, piazzas and historic sights. Sunny, beautiful, secluded and romantic, this is the ideal place to go to enjoy a romantic getaway as a couple.


3. Bordeaux

There is no doubt that Bordeaux is the place to go for lovers of the grape. It may not have the hot weather and beaches of the previous two locations, but the vineyards dotted around the outskirts of this city on the Garonne will make it a wine-lovers dream. Furthermore, this year also sees the opening of La Cite du Vin – a museum dedicated to the history of wine and the different types from around the world. This curving glass building is being called ‘The Guggenheim of wine’ and helps make Bordeaux a heady holiday experience.


4. Macau

If you want a hot climate for your holiday, this Chinese island will certainly oblige on that score. It also offers some of the best nightlife to be found anywhere in the world, mainly due to its 33 luxury casino hotels which are sure to please both keen gamblers and casual mobile casino players. These include the Emperor, the Casino Lisboa and the massive Venetian Macau, which offer the standard western games, but also oriental ones like keno and Fan Tan. You can also enjoy live shows and delicious Cantonese and Portuguese food here.


5. Greece

If you are looking for a great holiday destination for the whole family then Karavostasi in Greece is ideal for young children. Situated on the country’s north-west coast it has a beach stretching for 500 km and beautiful blue ocean for swimming in. The drop-off means that it would be a bit too dangerous for toddlers, but for slightly older children it is fine, and the secluded atmosphere and sunshine will make for a relaxing family break.


The world is genuinely your oyster when it comes to selecting a holiday destination this year, although it does make choosing a bit tougher.

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