Friend: She’s such a lovely girl isn’t she?

Me: Mmm, yeah she seems lovely, but there’s also something a bit off about her.

Friend: Off? What do you mean ‘off’?

Me: Well I just didn’t get a ‘genuine’ vibe from her, but I mean, you know her better than I do so…


Vibes. I am ALL about vibes.

Some refer to it as gut feeling, intuition or energy. I use all three depending on the context.


Whether it’s a person or a situation, I am sure we have all had moments when we weren’t 100% sure about something. That feeling of not being 100% sure, is something we should all tune into. The term ‘mothers intuition’ or ‘woman’s intuition’ is very common, but those phrases are not to say that men don’t also have intuition, it’s just that in our culture, intuition tends to be viewed as something that’s all cute and cuddly, or rather, not masculine, so we don’t think of it in relation to men very much. But I digress.


Whenever I go somewhere, be it a party, a job interview or church, (trying to vary the venues here) I am always aware of how the atmosphere feels. There have been a couple situations that I have been in, where I just got a negative vibe from my surroundings. Most times it has to do with people. It has to do with the people that occupy said surroundings. I’m sure you have all heard the phrase “you could cut the atmosphere with a knife”, but if you haven’t, that phrase has everything to do with the energy and the vibe you get when you’re somewhere. It’s pretty much the dominant energy in the room.


As humans, we are all capable of understanding ‘energy’ in situations. We just have to tune into it and let it guide us. I am a huge advocate of ‘trust your gut’, so when I walk into a room and I get certain vibes, that feeling is the collective energy emitted by the people the room houses. From my commencing dialogue, you can tell that vibes, energy, intuition etc. doesn’t always have to do with rooms and spaces and surroundings, they can relate to any and everything.


If you don’t feel like you should do what someone else is doing, for whatever reason, don’t do it. If you can sense that someone you surround yourself with isn’t benefiting you but you can’t quite put your finger on what the actual problem is, remove yourself from his or her lives. If you feel like someone doesn’t like you, …they probably don’t. But that’s none of your business. (Only kidding, that one goes either way, some people’s vibes are just off and they could literally be a care bare when you get to know them) All in all, trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.


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