photo_DSC0701_DSC0695_DSC0749_DSC0699_DSC0747You know when there's no need to enhance any of your photos because the sun comes out to play just at the right time? Yepp. That's exactly what happened on the morning of my birthday, (1st April) when these photographs were taken.

I started my day off by showering whilst listening to Taylor Swift's Twenty Two, then after that I put on a full face of make up, ready to step out and take some sunny pictures of my birthday outfit! I had so much fun posing for these shots because it was a challenge. The helium in the black balloons had deflated, because I got it blow the day before (didn't listen to the man when he said the helium only lasts 10-12 hours, oops!) and the golden balloons were blown up with all my huffing and puffing, lol (they weren't strong enough for helium, as opposed to the black) It was particularly tricky trying to hold up the gold ones, seeing as they were filled with plain old oxygen, but I managed somehow.

In the last photograph, little ants were crawling up my legs and I couldn't stop moving/screaming/laughing but I told my mum to just keep snapping because I really wanted pictures behind those beautiful roses. How awesome is that garden by the way?! So glad the owner let me in for the shots! Later on in the evening, I went out with a small group of friends, to a restaurant in Mayfair called NOBU which serves one of the tastiest sushi's and THE best mojito I've had to date! If you follow me on instagram here, you'll get to see a little more of the birthday celebrations. I know 21st birthday's are supposed to be 'the best' birthdays, because of all the effort people put in, but my 22nd was so much more than that! I think it was down to the simplicity of it all, not too much fuss and just the right amount of everything else!

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