Runway_Ribbons_Valentines_3Runway_Ribbons_Valentines_4Runway_Ribbons_Valentines_1Runway_Ribbons_Valentines_7Runway_Ribbons_Valentines_2Runway_Ribbons_Valentines_5In the past few weeks I have noticed the volume of roses spread out on market stalls and boxes of chocolates come out unto the front shelves of grocery stores. That only meant one thing: Valentines Day.


A few friends of mine have moaned about how they’re single or lonely this Valentine’s Day and it really gets on my nerves. For some silly reason, there is quite a bit of pressure females put on themselves, to feel as though they have to be paired up JUST in time for St Valentine to acknowledge that they are happy and in love. Valentine’s day is a day to show love to the ones you love and that includes your family and friends. Why does it always have to involve a man?! I have only had one serious boyfriend in my past and I had only started seeing him a couple of weeks before Valentines Day. When the day arrived, I had already established that he wasn’t the celebratory type, so we didn’t do anything extravagant. Yes we recognised the day for what it was, but that was about it. (Even if he were the celebratory type, a couple weeks wouldn’t warrant anything extravagant).


I’m not here to dampen your lovely spirits; rather I’m here to raise them. If you’re the celebratory type, then by all means celebrate it however you want, but I just want to urge girls and women not to focus their energy on solely needing a man to validate them on St Valentines Day. Don’t be selective on who you show your love to, I’m sure your grandma would love a box of chocolate, a dozen roses and a lovely Thomas Sabo bracelet!


My Beautiful Necklace


A couple of weeks ago I collaborated with jewellery designer Graced London. She is a fantastic bespoke jewellery maker who is based in London, and you can get anything from necklaces, to bracelets, to anklets to earrings, e.t.c. If it’s jewellery you’re after, she’s got something in store for you.


What I love about the brand is their attention to detail. For example, this beaded necklace I’m wearing above was designed over the phone by me to Grace. Crazy right?! Well if she could understand my vision to a T, then I can only imagine what she can create when all the details are typed up and emailed to her! I love this necklace because not only is it well made, but it is also unique to me. The good news is, you are all able to order a bespoke piece from Grace by just contacting her here, (or comment on one of her social media pages that I will link below) detailing your ideas and she will respond immediately with a quote. If you’re not fussed about individuality and would just love to get your hands on something beautiful, then you can check out her range on her Facebook, her website or her instagram page. Finally, if you would like to order mine above, then contact Grace asking for the Runway Ribbons Coral Signature Necklace.



Happy Valentines Day Ribbons!

ASOS High Low Dress (very old), similar here, Graced London Necklace, ASOS Strappy Heels, similar here (I want them!)

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