_DSC0657 _DSC0660 _DSC0661 _DSC0662 _DSC0664 _DSC0672 _DSC0675 photo 3 photo 1 _DSC0692 _DSC0684The Vogue Festival, a festival that doesn’t involve boots, mud or sleeping bags. The Vogue Festival is one of the most interesting fashion events I’ve ever been to and that’s simply because you leave with something. It’s not pretentious, it’s not about who you know, it’s not about where you’re sat, (although my seats were pretty amazing) it’s just about any and everyone coming together to have a fun filled and insightful weekend. I was lucky enough to attend last year and I got tickets for the ‘So You Want To Be A Fashion Designer?’¬†talk. The panel was great, with the likes of Mary Katrantzou, Erdem Moralioglu, J.W Anderson and Jonathan Saunders. I admire Mary’s work a lot, so I was glad to be seeing her and listening to what she had to say.

This year was even better and I could tell this by the amount of merchandise available on sale, the champagne bar, the vogue monogram nail art that was on offer to visitors, the headphones and mini videos on the wall where we could watch catwalks and listen to fashion docu series etc. I attended the ¬†‘VOGUE MASTER CLASS: How To Get Ahead In Fashion’ talk that had a panel with Daniel Marks, Alexandra Shulman, Louise Wilson, Sarah Burton and Lisa Armstrong. I especially took a lot from what Prof. Louise Wilson had to say, and she was actually one of the main reasons I attended that particular talk. Her demeanour and what she stands for inspires me a lot.

FInally, I got to see the lady of the hour, Naomi Campbell! Being an avid The Face viewer my love for Naomi started. Before that show, I had known Naomi was a great model who had swag and a fiery attitude, but on the show I felt like I heard her. I properly heard her and understood her. Her and Franca Sozanni (who is so unexpectedly funny) were interviewed by Alexandra Shulman and they addressed topics such as racism in fashion, the idea of an African Vogue and what it takes/means to be on a Vogue cover.

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