This year The Vogue Festival surpassed what it had been in the previous years. In 2013 it was sponsored by Vertu but last year and this year, Harrods sponsored them and I think that made all the difference. It has changed so much since I went back in 2013 and 2014 but it has definitely changed for the better.

This year I went to listen to Christian Louboutin discuss with Alexandra Shulman (Editor In Chief – British Vogue) about his shoes and life beyond the red sole. He was such a lovely gentleman who’s outlooks were very positive. He revealed to us that he is quite shy, and that it was actually a bit daunting to speak to us that day. This information made me particularly glad, (his shyness) because I am quite shy too, so it’s good to know that he is still incredibly successful without being an extrovert.


Throughout the day there were styling competitions, vogue cover shoot spaces where anyone could get a picture on a vogue cover and take the image home with them. There was an amazing Harrods café where I had one of the best salads I had ever tasted! I’ salivating thinking of it! There was a nail bar and a mini spa where girls and boys could get facial treatments etc.


At the end of the day I listened to Olivier Rousteing in conversation with Alexa Chung and he spoke about what it’s like being so young and being the creative director of Balmain. He also discussed his Balmain army girls and what he thinks about social media etc. He was so down to earth and lovely I really just want to work for him! I was very surprised to hear that he is from an orphanage and so he doesn’t know his parents. Listen to him speak briefly on my instagram and if you would like to hear Christian and Olivier as well as many other speakers, head of to the vogue website.

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