We all want something.

We all need something.

Anyone that tells you different is lying.

Even Bill Gates wants and needs something. I use Bill Gates as an example in order to rule out the thought that wanting something has to do with money.


I personally want a lot of things that I can’t even list here. These aren’t material things by the way, these are more substantial than that. That being said, wanting material things isn’t wrong at all. Hey, I love fashion. Anyway,  I’m very in touch with my feelings, so there are moments that go by where I find myself thinking of all the things I want to achieve. I’m so sure I’ve spoken about achievements on Runway Ribbons in the past, but I can’t recall the post so unfortunately I can’t link back to it. Sometimes when I speak to my mom about my wants and needs she tells me to be grateful for what I already have. She’s right, but she’s wrong too.


I pray every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. I bet you’re envisioning me kneeling down on the floor with my palms together like in the story books… Well, that rarely occurs. Unless I want to lament to God then yeah, I take that position.  I digress. Just because I want things does not mean that I am ungrateful, far from it. I am so grateful for my life, my health, my family etc. But I’m also a person that sees what could be better, and I tend to vocalise it to close friends and family.


Whether it’s food, water, shelter, health, someone to hold, an occupation, success, electricity, family, a good education etc.

In the words of Rihanna, “we all want the same thing.” As an end note, isn’t ironic how we all want love, yet so many parts of the world are filled with hate?
Pray for humanity.


Photographer: J Jamie


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