It was a normal day of being a design consultant, when something unexpected happened.

Two amazingly dressed Asian girls walked into the store, we smiled at each other and they began looking around. After analysing/admiring their outfits, I concluded that they would be an ideal capture for the paparazzi at LFW, (London Fashion Week) so obviously I had to let them know this. (Not in those words exactly)

After giving them compliments on their outfits, through the corner of my eye I spotted a mini bag that resembled the Hermes Kelly and I fell in love. I squeeled, ooh-ed and aah-ed to my colleague and then I mustered up the courage to ask the girl where she bought it from. Just my luck, she bought it from a Chinese equivalent to eBay. Even worse, all the information on the site is in Chinese so she said that unless I could read Chinese, then I most probably wouldn’t be able to get it.

Feeling bummed out on that news, I decided to try my luck on eBay UK but there were none there. Anyway, one of the girls decided to buy something and as she came over to me for design advice, I mentioned how I was on eBay on my phone and couldn’t find any. She was so sweet and said the unexpected. “I can check on our Chinese site if it’s in stock and let you know.” I was so surprised and touched at the same time! (Lest we forget, I only met these girls 20 minutes before all this.) Anyway, we exchanged numbers and they left the store a couple minutes after our exchange took place.

Sitting in bed at about 21:30 watching Being Mary Jane, I get a text from Ying (the friend to the girl who was carrying the mini Kelly look-alike) and the rest was history.

Isn’t it amazing how we were both SO comfortable with each other even after meeting for less than 30 minutes? For a total stranger to purchase something for another total stranger just from spending a couple minutes with her?

Scenarios like these aren’t too foreign in my life. I have similar-ish stories that I’ve just kept to myself in the past, but I’m always in awe during and right after the occurrence.

Really and truly, what a time to be alive


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  • Wow, that was awfully sweet of her. Sometimes you meet some people and you just click. Happy holidays! xx

    • I know right?!
      With all the sad things going on in the world, I just cherish all the little niceties people show.
      Happy New Year! x