I haven’t gotten lost in a book in quite sometime so I thought I’d set myself a goal to read a book a month. It shouldn’t be that difficult, especially for someone who actually enjoys reading.

So I studied English Literature at A Levels and at that time, wider reading seemed like a chore. In a sense it was, because I wasn’t reading for pleasure I was reading to pass an exam. That being said, I did enjoy a few of my required readings, such as The Handmaids Tale, Othello, Rebecca, Of Mice & Men etc. What I’ve found myself doing recently is re-reading some of these literary classics and actually enjoying it. I mentioned in this post how I recently finished reading Wuthering Heights again and I cannot believe how complicated and deep that novel is. Kudos to Emily Bronte!So guys, my a book a month goal is starting this month and I will TRY my best to finish it before March ends, but I have quite a bit going on, so if I’m honest, it might run over into April. I’ll be starting with a book that I received as a secret Santa gift, called Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo. I have a pretty long list of books to read, but I’ve decided to start with what I have in my possession, plus I do intend to speak publicly in the near future so perhaps I could learn a thing or two from Carmine Gallo.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what’s on your reading list,

as I’d love to add more books to mine




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