What is millennial pink and why isn’t it just referred to as ‘pink’?

Honestly, I do not know. But what I do know, is that it’s not new and it’s actually pretty timeless, but for some reason it’s poppin’ at the moment.


I’ve always liked pink but never bright pink.

Pastel pink, baby pink, light pink, basically however you want to refer to a softer shade of pink, that’s what I’ve always preferred. So when I found out that ‘millennial pink’ was a thing, I thought that this was one ‘trend’ that I would gladly hop on.

Here are some examples of things that would be considered millennial pink:

  1. Acne Shopping Bags
  2. Sketch (If you’re a Londoner, you know sketch)
  3. The top tier of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Just the top though.
  4. Rose wine
  5. Anything in ZARA right now

But where did it come from you ask? Well it all started when Pantone named rose quartz as their colour of 2015, but it was a bit too girly and feminine for the androgynous millennial fashion heads, so here comes Pantone, (they’re basically a colour matching space) picking ‘Pale Dogwood’ for their Spring fashion report. Odd choice of name, albeit the perfect shade of pink. Good enough for the backdrop of an ice cream-in-hand shot that will eventually end up on instagram, and good enough for you to wear. You know, the things us millennial’s care about of course.

So there you have it guys. Not rocket science, but an interesting lesson in fashion and colour wheels. I hope you like the way I rocked my lovely millennial pink Zara blazer dress, paired with my Zara boots. Honestly, if inditex doesn’t sponsor me soon, then the system is rigged.


ZARA Blazer Dress, ZARA Knitted Boots, similar here

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    • June 30, 2017 / 11:39 am

      Thanks so much Feyi!
      It really is and such a lovely shade too, lol xx

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