Runway_Ribbons_Whats_In_My_BagMost girls carry handbags and I think it can be interesting to see the different things we each carry. I always have my trusty Aloe Vera hand sanitizer, (click on ‘Enter Shop’ to purchase) because I am a little bit of a germaphobe and with the current ebola virus lurking, you can never be too careful. Also, the aloe & honey scent is magnificent. Another thing I always have without fail is my iPod. What is a 2 hour train ride without music? What is a 5 minute walk without music? What is life without music? Music keeps me going and it blocks out all the unwanted atmosphere that tends to come with public transportation.


I also carry a bottle of water with me most times, because hydration is key. Recently, I haven’t had one on me because winter is upon us and I’d much rather have a pumpkin spice latte on the go. Another ‘always’  has to be my umbrella. If you live in England, you will know that there is probably an 80% chance of rain everyday. It really can be such a struggle to blog, but I’ll touch on that later. Then I have my  Sonya Skincare powder (click on ‘Enter Shop’ to purchase) with me, because half way through the day, I may need a little touch up or I may be a bit shiny. It’s so good on my skin and it works for both situations. One thing that I recently have with me is my portable charger, because my iPhone 4s battery is the absolute worst. It shuts down at 30% and without a portable charger, I am stranded. I’m working towards buying the iPhone 6, because this 4s has to go!


Next I have my wallet with all my cards in it, because to get from point A to B without funds is nearly impossible. Speaking of money, I always have my oyster card with me because that is the primary item needed for travelling around London. Then I have my pocket tissues and my Aloe Lips (Click on ‘Enter Shop’ to purchase). My pocket tissues are part of the ‘always’ group, because as the temperature drops, in comes the runny noses and the sneezes. Also, you could offer a tissue to someone in need, which is a friendly gesture and a good conversation starter, it’s really the small things. My aloe lips are so so moisturising and the scent is glorious with a hint of shine. They aren’t like any other lip balm I have used in the past, and I am going to assume that it is due to the aloe vera in it. I never have cracked lips and they always feel soft afterwards.


Then, I have my Nikon SLR camera with me when I intend to shoot a blog post in a different location and also when I want to capture fabulous scenery. I also have hand moisturiser for after I wash my hands in a public place, or incase my hands look a bit crusty I can quickly resolve that unfortunate situation! Next I have my daily planner that my mom recently bought for me. She knows my love for macarons runs deep, so she decided on the pad above. It’s so handy to have a planner or even just a little notebook to jot things down in. Then there’s usually a novel with me. A few months back it was The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green and now it’s The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsson. It’s an incredible and inspiring book and it is currently helping me realise the little things I need to do to be successful in life. You should all read it if you have the time!


Have a wonderful week Ribbons!

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