So I work part-time at Selfridges and it seriously can be the longest and most tiring job ever, because the constant standing and the formal shoes don’t help. (Formal shoes because I work in the shoe galleries. I’m sure you can wear trainers if you work in a different department)
Anyway, whilst standing around admiring the Aquazzura’s, I spot someone who looks a lot like Giovanna Battaglia and I pause. She slowly approached my area with her friend, and they were browsing the area whilst chatting, she turned to me and asked me if I know where they sell hats in Selfridges. I had no clue.
All that was running through my mind was “should I ask her if anyone has told her that she looks so much like the former L’Uomo Vogue fashion editor? But I was so nervous because I just thought to myself: this woman (if she’s not Giovanna) probably gets that question a lot. Just leave it Nengi, leave it.

I didn’t leave it.
She dashed to the toilets and her friend asked me to please get her a pair of the crystal-embellished Christy’s, a pair of the plain gold Christy’s and the white pair of the Wild Thing sandals. I took the three pairs from her friend and said that I’ll be back shortly, but before I left I just HAD to ask the looming question. “Is that Giovanna Batta–” Before I could finish my sentence, her friend smiled and confirmed it was her.

I almost burst with excitement and I went on to explain how I wanted to say something but I didn’t because this, that and the other.

Anyway, when I came back with the shoes, she tried them on as you’ll see from the sneaky pictures I took (you’re not supposed to have your phone out on the shop floor, but did I care? Nope. I was in serving Giovanna Battaglia.) Anyway, we talked a little and laughed a lot, but she was in a hurry and I didn’t want to overstep in anyway, so I kept our conversation light. I asked if I could take pictures with her (even though I looked so frumpy and tired from the whole day) and she was more than happy to oblige.
When we took selfies together she expressed how beautiful and big my eyes were, she complemented my shoes saying how comfortable they looked (I’m so sure she thought they were Aquazzura’s but no, they were from Office. And of course I bought them because they beard some resemblance to the Aquazzura’s that I could not afford) and she also said and I quote, “I’m so pleased to know I have such beautiful and stylish fans.” That would have been my cue to tell her that I am a fashion blogger and talk more about fashion, but I didn’t and I’m slapping myself so hard right now.

When I told my mum and my friends, they were so confused why I didn’t express myself more. What they all reiterated was: What’s the worst that could have happened? At least you would have tried.”
I’m just not great with self promotion especially in situations like that, where I feel “Giovanna just came to shop, she doesn’t want to be pitched about your blog right now.” But for all I know, she would have been happy to hear it, because she asked for my name and said how lovely it was to meet me etc. The lesson here is to always try, I’m not saying that I would have become her understudy or anything; I’m just saying that in life if you don’t at least try, you will never know. Giovanna, if you ever read this I just want you to know that it was so lovely to meet you and you are seriously the sweetest lady! You genuinely brightened up my Friday evening. ?


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  • Ivona Iwarra Josipovic

    What a cool story. I love Giovanna and her style and I’ve head the chance to see her in real life. I didn’t approach her either, as it can be intimidating, but I agree with you that it’s always better to try than to regret it later on.

    Ivona from

    • Thanks Ivona!
      Yes, plus you also don’t want to overstep and potentially ruin the moment.
      But it is definitely worth trying as you will never know if you don’t. 🙂 xx

  • Nice Blog!!