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They always come back.

They’ll come back when you’ve stopped caring, stopped wondering, stopped checking their ‘last seen’ on whatsapp.

They’ll come back when you’re happy and full of life.

But you always knew they would come back, so that’s not the issue.


Almost a year with no word, then suddenly they’re back. Why?


You thought you were on the same page, but you were terribly wrong.

They didn’t think twice about you when they disappeared without a single word.

Come to think of it, they didn’t think about you at all. Not once.


Anyway, they’re back.

But don’t get confused now; they’re not back for you. They’re back for themselves.

They’re back with their tail between their legs, because they realised they were wrong in so many ways.


If you can’t remember the intricacies of the entire relationship, always remember one thing. Remember how it ended.

They will give you every excuse in the book, but never forget how it ended, because that ‘end’ speaks volumes.

What you felt on the way down.

How they acted on the way out.

The final crack that shattered the glass.



Forgive them. Wish them compassion and wish them well.

Do that for yourself, do that for your peace of mind, but don’t let them walk back into your life.

People like that don’t change into the person you deserve, the person that will be your forever.


Send them on their way.


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