Strutting down High Street Kensington in a white H&M scuba skirt and a backless jumper, whilst a bunch of handy men ogle at you can be a little challenging. You smile and look away in the hopes that the ogling subsides, but your hopes are always shattered. It Is part flattering, part uncomfortable, but when you put yourself out there, (fashion blogging wise) you can’t help what comes your way. Be it the good, the bad or the ugly. In my experience, it usually ranges from the good, the awkward, and the funny. I guess I really can’t complain!


Have a lovely week Ribbons!

Boohoo Plunge V Back Jumper, (I never shop at Boohoo because of their quality, but this jumper was rather interesting. You will definitely need shoulder tape)

H&M White Scuba Skirt (sould out), ZARA Strappy Heels

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