I have so many variations of slip dresses because they honestly feel so comfortable against my skin. However, my main reason for owning so many is because they require no effort to actually get on. Truth be told, if I can get into any outfit leg first, I’m keeping it.

I remember when I was little my mum wore a lot of slip nighties and silky pyjamas and I wanted a pair so badly because anytime I’d snuggle up to her, she felt so soft and cool thanks to silk and satin. I used to call them ‘shinkly, shinkly nighties’ (No idea why). Anyway, I begged for a nightie (and would settle for pyjamas) exactly like hers, but they didn’t do them for little girls at that time. Perhaps they were too ‘lingerie-esque’ but what did I know, I just wanted to feel soft and look shiny. So since they didn’t do them in my size, she decided to get a pyjama version made for me. For some reason it was super oriental like this, so although I pretty much looked like a baby geisha, I was soft and shiny so I was happy. Anyway, in the midst of my excitement, I ripped the trousers on a tiny nail that was sticking out of the foot of my bed. I can’t make this shxt up, honestly. Have you heard the modern day saying ‘life comes at you hard and fast’? Well I can testify that there is truth to that statement. I was devastated to say the least.

Fast forward to 2017, I’m a twenty five year old girl who can purchase ALL the ‘shinkly’ dresses she could ever want. Well not all, but most. There’s just something so sexy and laid back about a slip dress, the way it resembles a seductive nightie, yet it’s not, the way it feels on your skin and the way it’s so easy to slip into, hence the name. I can’t wait to wear this one with a white t-shirt underneath for a more laid-back/daytime look or with a long sleeeve turtle neck in the colder months. It’s timeless I tell ya! Enjoy this timeline of slip dresses involving Kate Moss.


Topshop Slip Dress (sold out) Other slip dresses I like here, here, here

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  1. Blvck Bee
    July 13, 2017 / 1:17 am

    Loving the day and night vibes in this dress!!

    Agnes x


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