I’ve always felt like winter is a time for cool colours. Whites, creams, pastels and then my favourite of them all, camel coloured anything. Putting this combination together was pretty easy; because I always start with the newest thing I’ve bought and work my way from there. If I haven’t bought anything new, then I just put the outfit together in my head and usually things work out. In this instance, the heels were the newest addition to my wardrobe.


Before purchasing them I knew I wanted a pair of heels that were a bit taller in length than the pairs that I already own. I wanted something that goes way past my ankles, simply because I saw this picture of Kylie Jenner and was drawn straight to her heels. I told a friend of mine this, and she said ‘oh no, long shoes that go past the ankle shorten your legs. Don’t get them.’

Well, you know what they say… ‘Listen to what they have to say, but do what you were going to do anyway!’ and that’s exactly what I did. (By the way, I usually do heed advice, but this time I knew nothing could make my legs look that short. I’m a tall girl so even when I ‘shorten’ my legs with a pair of heels, they’re still pretty long. Grateful.)


Anyway, so I worked this outfit around the heels and wearing an all white outfit was a no brainier. I was going to opt for a shorter dress in order to show off the heels, but then I decided not to. Why? Because regardless of the dress, if the heels are good, they’ll shine on their own.

P.S Can you believe I got this thick split side ZARA jumper for only £7.00?! I still can’t. This is why you should buy your winter wear in summer 😉


Photogrpahy: J Jamie


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