WISHLIST: All Black Everything

Well what do we have here?! Nengi’s wish list consisting of dark hues?!? Surely this isn’t Runway Ribbons that we’re reading?!? Where’s all the colour gone!! Well ladies, do you ever find yourself wishing for things that don’t even correlate with the season that you’re in?! Well that has been me for a while now. These are definitely not winter clothes, but I can’t fight the summer girl in me. I still want short shorts and I still want strappy camisoles. Don’t fear, I won’t freeze, I’ll just throw on my contrasting yellow coat. 😉 Don’t ask me how they all happened to be black because I truly don’t know. All I know is that I’m looking forward to saving up some money to purchase a few of these. (Maybe all). That clutch especially! Looks like something out of my sketchbook! <3
1. Motel Playsuit 2. ASOS Flat Leather Sandals 3. Monki Minna Oversized Clutch 4. Afterlife Ankle Cuff Boots
5. Satin Embellished Cami 6. Oh My Love PU Shorts
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