9 Mini Skirts For Summer

I never got to wear mini skirts often when I was younger, because in a nutshell, everything looked short on me. Having long legs as a teen, I would argue my case that the skirts weren’t short, but rather my legs were longer than the average girl my age. My mum would roll her eyes and I’d put the mini skirt back on the shelf. Fast forward many years later and I still don’t tend to wear mini skirts often, however I will throw one on now and again.

They’re proving to be more versatile than I thought as you can see how I styled this red one above and you can also heck out how I styled this white one too. I don’t wear them often because quite frankly I don’t stumble on THAT many, which I particularly love. That being said, in recent months I’ve seen a fair few cute pieces that I thought I’d share. All links below:

NastyGal Ruched Mini, TOPSHOP Layered Mini, Pretty Little Thing Lace Mini

ASOS Ruched Mini Skirt, ZYA Mini Skirt

House of CB Velvet Mini, Missguided Lemon Print, Mistress Rocks Mini

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