Hey guys, I know I’ve been M.I.A but that’s because it was my birthday on the 1st of April and I’m also going on holiday this weekend. Everything has been a bit manic, but just know that until I have the time to write a well thought out and dedicated post on Runway Ribbons, you can catch the highlights of my life on my instagram.

Recently I’ve been revamping my entire outlook on life. Sounds weird I know, but hear me out briefly. From guys, to work ethic, to what preset I use on my instagram feed, to the food I consume. Everything’s got to go. I was born in the spring, so maybe that’s why I feel a rebirth coming on. I’m no longer waiting around for people to meet me where I’m at, no longer waiting for things to ‘just work out’, (because let’s be honest, they rarely do) and I’m no longer waiting on life anymore. I’m taking everything owed and not owed to me, because honestly Ribbons, I’m a great girl with a great personality and I bring a plethora to the table. I deserve the best and that’s a fact. (Btw, I urge you all to adopt this attitude. It’s electrifying!)

Anyway, I’m not sure i’ll be taking my laptop with me on holiday, so I may not be able to create blog content, but please keep an eye out for my holiday snaps via my social media, as there are lots more beautiful adventures to come!

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