‘Being a creative can be tough.I honestly believe I’ve been a creative since birth. As corny as that sounds, hear me out. Having a passion for not much else but the arts from a young age means that I’ve been ‘creating’ for a very long time. I remember one of the first art projects I worked on as a child, was for a PeakMilk contest in Nigeria. The task was to colour in this A2 sized beach outline, that consisted of palm trees, sand and blue skies. The challenge was that it had to be SO identical to the picture. My mum took me to buy a huge set of colouring pencils and I knew she meant business because these colouring pencils had about FIVE variations of a single colour. What I thought was JUST the colour red and dark red, was in fact crimson, scarlet, wine, ruby, mahogany, you name it. Little old me said ‘Mummy, why are there so many? Isn’t that just dark red?’ and she would let me know that it was indeed ‘wine, and not ‘dark red’. Since then, I’ve learnt the proper terminologies so FYI kids, it’s chartreuse not ‘greeny-yellow, like I was fond of saying.

I could tell you stories on my boarding school visit to the Uffizi and Accademia galleries in Florence and many fashion and textile stories from boarding school and university, but my writing time is limited as I have to head out in 15. This is all to say that I have been creating one thing or another since I was a little girl and although I’m not stopping anytime soon, it can be tough. I’m always aware when I haven’t updated my blog in a little while, but simply put, my creative juices haven’t been flowing. It’s quite frustrating when you really want to put out great content for others as well as yourself and it’s just.not.happening. Writers will tell you all about their struggles with writers block and some writers block last for months and months and years.

Besides not being able to come up with interesting content for the blog, I must add that my time is being split between Runway Ribbons and my upcoming womenswear line. I will be sure to tell you much more about that later and I hope you will all be as excited as I am. Eeeek!

NastyGal Dress (sold out), similar here, Accessorize Bag, Vintage Heels

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