There are officially 10 days until Christmas, and I couldn’t be more excited! Christmas is my favourite time of year and I think it’s because it’s a season of love, a season of giving and a season of happiness. During Christmas, I find that I’m more optimistic about the future, I’m at peace with myself and my life, and I tend to do a lot of reflecting and preparing (which is always good). I also tend to cook and bake more to feed my ever growing palette!

All that being said, I don’t want this great feeling to fly by once boxing day and the new year roll around, so this Christmas, I’m making it my mission to take this feeling of joy into the new year and make it last well into the summer months. It might be tough to maintain, (because as well all know life throws curve balls whenever it pleases) but I’ve got to try!

ASOS Snake Ring, ASOS Stone Ring, ASOS Stone Pendant,

ASOS Milkmaid Top (sold out), similar here

TOPSHOP Leopard Slip Dress, I love this one here too!

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