So I know leopard print has been the front runner of prints for quite some time now, (thanks partly to this Realisation Par skirt) and so many other copies that have been made since then. However, the biggest baddie in the book of Genesis is a hit in the streets and although we shan’t imitate it’s ways, we can appreciate it’s skin.

I’ve always loved snakeskin print, like alwaysss. My aunt thinks that anything snake related is the most awful/demonic thing ever. Fair enough, lol What I say is, if you can separate this awful reptile from it’s beautiful print, we have fashion. Snakeskin print can be worn in a number of ways, and with this look I decided to layer the prints, as well as wear different colours OF the print in the same outfit. Below is a quick collage of snakeskin outfits I put together for your perusal and inspiration. Enjoy Ribbons!

ZARA Snakeskin Print Shirt (sold out), similar here and here
TOPSHOP Blazer (very old), similar here?

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