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I feel as though keeping things ‘cute’ is second nature to me and I say this because whilst reflecting on situations long gone, I struggled to find a situation where I (for lack of a better phrase) ‘lost my sh*t’. Last weekend I was at a friends birthday party and I bumped into a guy that I hadn’t seen in a while. He said to me ‘Nengi every time I see you, you’re always composed’ and I laughed, smiled and explained that I do have moments of non-composure. I also added that I get wild pretty wild occasionally, but I’ve just got to be with the right person/around people I’m comfortable with.

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My personal reflection and this guys quick analysis of myself got me into an introspective state. Am I really as cool as a cucumber? And if so, why? Well, if you listen to the first episode of my podcast, you’ll get an idea of how I grew up, which made even me realise that keeping things cute is just embedded in my make up. This isn’t to say that I won’t ‘lose my sh*t’ given the right circumstance, but I’ve just know that it takes A LOT to get me angry. Getting upset and annoyed is different, but to the level where people start using profanities, yeah it takes A LOT to get there. In addition, I also don’t let myself get to that point. If I smell even a trace of disrespect, rudeness or any awful behaviour being thrown my way, I tend to just walk away quietly. I always say to my brother ‘I wish everyone would just act right so that I don’t have to step out of character.’

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