and honestly it was more appalling than hurtful, but hurtful nonetheless. What surprised me was that I had never seen this side to them. We had always laughed together, conversed and ultimately they were good. So yeah, the manner of speech was abysmal but I also know that you will always be disappointed when you expect people to act as you would.
and just all-round ‘the person who feels things too deeply’. This was before I came to realise that it’s just who I am and I have to embrace it. I might not explode over situations but I am mature enough to understand that there is grace in remaining kind in cruel situations. (Don’t get me wrong I’m an Aries so I can be very fiery, but my default setting is peace and tranquility). I have also come to realise that our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself and sometimes it’s better to react
with no reaction.
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