As the make up brush sweeps a vivid shade of berry over your lips, you begin to wonder what’s next on your agenda for the day. Is there enough detergent to complete a full load when you get back from work? Where’s your next holiday going to be? What’s the weather like tomorrow? You hope it’s sunny, because the sun simply makes you happy. Damn it! The eyelash glue wasn’t tacky enough for application. Peel it off and start again.

These are your mid twenties, where you find yourself perched over the bathroom sink listening to a song that you’ve heard a thousand times, but only now do you realise what that line actually said “can’t sleep at all ’cause your love is wicked”. You listen more closely, and for the first time you realise that this song you only ever danced to, is a rather heartbreaking song that your mid-twenties self can very much relate to. You’re aware that there are many more fishes in the sea, but damn, you really wanted THAT fish. Speaking of fishes, what are you eating for lunch? You need to stop giving Pret A Manger all your money.

Lashes are on, highlighter is poppin’ and your lipstick is vibrant. You smile at your reflection.

Wow, you’re so beautiful baby girl.

As you stand there staring at your reflection, for some reason you don’t feel like you’re finished. Not with your make up, but with something else. What’s this nostalgia and weirdness that is going on right now? but you carry on because in that very moment, it dawns on you that you’ll never be this young again, but at the same time this is the oldest you’ve ever been. You can’t quite remember how you got from that 18 year old girl wearing American Apparel hot pants dancing on tables in Ayia Napa, to here. At the same time, that 18 year old girl feels like a long lost friend now. You kinda miss her.

…but a part of you knows that she’s not that far away. (She just isn’t wearing hot pants anymore).

The playlist is finished and your make up was actually done 5 minutes ago. You breathe in and out, because you know you’ll be fine once you walk out of the bathroom.

These beautiful photos were taken at the lovely Dancers Hill House. A Georgian house set in an oasis of seclusion. Find out how you can win the house here. Yes, you read that right, you can WIN the entire house. I’ll be uploading more photos that I took at the house in the coming weeks.

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