For the longest time I haven’t been able to find denim shorts that were decent enough to wear in public. I remember my A Level and Uni days where I wore bum shorts (I’m ashamed of myself too, trust me). The interesting thing about those times was that I NEVER felt comfortable in bum shorts, but because those were the only shorts available to me, I opted for them.

I’d walk around tugging at the hems just to keep my butt cheeks from exposing my little butt cheeks. Not to talk about the annoying times I’d want to sit in a public place but half my bum would be on the seat. Before I would sit down, a thought of the previous people who had sat there before me and the amount of dirt they most likely carried on their clothes would cross my mind.

Of course I shoved the thought to the bac of my mind because hey, I needed to sit down not only because I was tired, but to further protect my dignity. Honestly thinking about it lowkey makes me cringe. My cute butt cheeks on those seats. Sigh… never again, too many germs. So I walked into ZARA 3 weeks ago and I saw a pair of shorts peeking through the racks and something in me told me to try them on. Lo and behold, these shorts were the one. I din’t plan on doing any retail spending at that time, but I just HAD to have these shorts because who knows when next/if ever I’d spot a gem like these again.


Nastygal Crop Top, ZARA Shorts (sold out) Nastygal Bag (sold out), VANS


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