I touched on the ‘turtle neck trick’ in my last instagram post and someone commented how handy the idea was. It’s really not ground breaking, but it does help if like me, you have A LOT of summer clothing and you don’t necessarily want to purchase lots more Autumn/Winter clothing.

The ‘turtle neck trick’ is layering 101. The simplest form of layering and not any of those fancy fashion week type layering. You simply get yourself a bunch of turtle necks (I own black, white, grey and nude. Staples) and you wear them underneath your strappy summer dresses, or a sleeveless blazer dress and pretty much anything that requires some sleeves. This makes you look super chic, put together and like you didn’t make any effort at all. Remember this dress I wore in summer here? Now see the A/W version in my previous post. Tada!

How gorgeous is my gold cross necklace from The Diamond Store? I love their pieces being so delicate and timeless and a lovely addition to my collection. The mission of The Diamond Store is to provide ‘Luxury with Confidence’, where you can find the most suitable jewellery for your budget without compromising on quality. Check them out here, especially for gifts during this festive season!

Bershka Turtle Neck, similar here, Missguided Dress,

NastyGal Belt Bag, (sold out), ZARA Boots, (sold out)

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